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The infamous "South Dakota Goosemobile" was created by Tom and Ruth Neuberger of Canistota, SD. Beginning in 1980, Tom and Ruth were involved with the SD Goose Association as producers.  Their geese were in high demand and would be sent away as far as Canada and Germany.  But, after the German market collapsed, the SD Goose Association disbanded and the Neubergers began to peddle their geese in old milk delivery trucks.  Thus, the "Goosemobile" was born. 

As the farm to table movement created an increasing demand for local, nutrient dense clean food, the Neubergers  expanded their offerings to include many different types of pastured meats along with Ruth's fresh garden produce.  Today, 36+ years later, the Goosemobile stands as a model of successful direct marketing and sustainable farming.

In 2017, travis and lisa muth stumbled across a magazine article which informed them that the goosemobile was for sale.  the muth's were in the process of switching occupations for travis, who was growing tired of living on the road and being away from his family which was required by his sales job.

Because Travis and lisa both grew up farm kids and had always desired to farm, they felt like the goosemobile would

be a good fit for them.  past health issues had required them to join the "foodie" movement, so clean eating was also a profound interest of theirs. The couple felt that the Goosemobile would be a great way for their eight children to learn some valuable "life skills" and encourage some camaraderie within the family.

Goosemobile Pastured Meats is a small family farm owned by Travis and Lisa Muth in Canova, SD.  They, along with their eight children, raise free-range beef, pork, lamb, meat chickens, laying hens, ducks and geese.