The Farm:

Our farming practices can be described as:

Sustainable, Pasture-Raised, Drug-Free, Hormone-Free, Dirt Scratching, Bug-Eating, Cage-Free, Family-Raised, Farm-Processed, Farm to Table, direct market, personal accountability, strong customer/farmer relationships.....and on, and on, and on....

Our animals are taken care of by us and the chickens are processed by us. We raise your food the old-fashioned way.

The Family:

Thought I better introduce who is raising all this good food for you!

Travis, the husband and dad, is the muscle of the operation and head-man.

Lisa is the wife, mother, farm-helper, and well, we all know what that means.

The kids: Jesse (24), Rachel (21), Kane (19), Emma (17), Maria (14), Jack (12), Isaac (8), and Isaiah (6). They all help in one capacity or another. Some love the farm life more than others, but they all 100% love it when the dinner bell rings! What do we do other than the farm? We also enjoy fishing, hunting, bowling, sporting events, and finding fun people to hang around with. We thank the Lord everyday for our wonderful, messy, frustrating, chaotic humble life.