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These guys get to live with the barn door wide open!  Fresh air, sunshine, clean water, and green grass surround these chickens their entire life.  Their diet consists of grasses, bugs, other living things with a little oats to supplement.  The exercise that these birds perform on a daily basis creates a meat texture and taste like no other.  Our customers tell us, "this is the way chicken is supposed to taste!"  Their fat content is also much lower which creates a lovely lean meat.  Again, no antibiotics or hormones for these guys.

Laying Hens:

Our little ladies are left to roam the prairie at our farm.  They are given full access to all the bugs, grasses, legumes, seeds and  good microbes that a scavenging chicken could possibly desire .  Happy chickens lay beautiful eggs, so we do our best to keep them safe and content.  We do have to gather them into the barns at night to protect them from fox, raccoon, mink and skunks that may be looking for a midnight "snack". 


Our eggs come from free ranging, grit eating, dirt scratching chickens.  According to a Mother Earth News egg testing project in 2007, pasture raised eggs are shown to be nutritionally superior to conventional eggs. Eggs produced from hens on pasture contain:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol

  • 1/4 less fat

  • 2/3 more Vitamin A

  • 2X more Omega-3 fatty acids (Some studies show up to 20X more)

  • 3X more Vitamin E

  • 7X more betacarotene (Compare yolks...you can see it)

That's just the nutrition side, we believe that pastured eggs have 100X more flavor!