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Grass-Fed Beef

Our guys are eating green foods their entire lives.  This means they are eating grasses, seeds and microbes in pastures whose forage has weathered the test of time in this climate.  In short, the pastures we have have never been anything but pasture; thus, the cows are essentially feasting on ancient grains of South Dakota.  In the dead of winter, they are fed the hay that is harvested from our farm.  Cattle are herbivores:  so that's how we feed them.

Raising beef this way takes time.  It takes almost two full years to grow a cow to butcher size and it is definitely worth the wait.  The clean meat from these bovine is more nutritious as it contains higher levels of CLA, Vitamin E, Omega 3's, Vitamin A and BetaCarotene. But to some, it's the tenderness and rich flavor of the meat that impresses the most.  No antibiotics, growth hormones, or fertilizers for food are used on these beasts.