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Our pigs live the life any pig would dream of.  They are a mix of several breeds and come from local farms in the area as young pigs.  They make their homes in treebelts and spend their days rooting away for small rodents, insects, tubers, grasses and quite frankly, anything else they can find.  They do a fantastic job of being lazy and loafing for most of the day.  Even though most of their diet consists of "wild things," we do have a protein feed ration that we make available if they desire a snack now and then.  If you ever come to visit the farm, be sure and visit the pigs and take a deep breath.  Do you know what you will smell? Nothing.  Pigs don't stink when they are left to live in nature.  You will be able to taste the difference in the product, also.

Grass-Fed Pork